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Originally Posted by Dtwizzy2k5 View Post
Im surprised how many people want junie off the show...personally i want him on since hes so entertaining and he has potential to be the next Ultimate Fighter. Who cares if hes being a jackass? It boosts ratings for the show and if Junie becomes the next big thing in the UFC he can boost ratings for the sport on the whole.
He could be like MMA's version of Mike Tyson: an entertaining wackjob who straight dominates his sport and backs up all the isht he talks.
There's a difference between being a jackass and being a complete psycho. Tito may talk smack, but does he go about throwing glass bottles at people? He actually cut someone with that bottle, which is why I can't believe Dana let him stay. He physically injured, albeit small, another fighter with a glass bottle. I mean, my God... people have been kicked off for SO much less.

The second Junie jumped the cage, Nog should have floored him. What could UFC possibly do? Kick HIM off the show? Sorry, peeps. I respect the opinions of others, I truly do, but there's no defending this kid.
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