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Originally Posted by IronMan
It's a thought, but anyone with even a hint of common sense would kick out your other leg. I don't know if you've ever heard this saying, but it appllies:

"Give me an inch and I'll take your foot."

Don't give them a leg. Don't give them anything. That's like saying, "I'm going to miss this punch on purpose, because it sets up this other punch." I fantastic way to get KTFO'd.
First of all see the last paragraph of my reply...
Don't know if I was clear, but those are some sub defenses I play with. In the end though, for shooting style takedowns your best bet is to learn to sprawl well first. Second option would be what I listed above about only giving up one leg.
As far as tripping up the leg, well sure you could, but with good balance and an agressive game I could just as easily throw him with an Uchi Mata first (if I practice it and I'm good at it). Remember there are counters to everything, and so no strategy is perfect.

Oh, and it's not the same as missing a punch, sorry. More like not checking a leg kick so you can come over the top with an overhand right to counter.
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