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1) Randy would get knocked out by round 2. A. Silva has far superior striking, head movement, and a nasty clinch game. I don't think Cpt. America has him beat anywhere on the feet. I think Silva is a terrible matchup for someone like Randy who likes to use the cage and dirty box. He would find out real quick what a few knees from Silva's clinch feel like, just like Franklin did. In fact, I see this match up going alot like Franklin Silva 1.

2) I think Nog would win a hard fought battle by third round sub. I think Nog has a better ground game and would use size and unorthadox takedowns to wear Silva down. The fact that he trains with Silva will help with the mytique surrounding Silva, so he won't have the A.Silva-jitters. Nog also has the heart of a champion, and won't have his spirit broken. I think that is a huge factor in A. Silva's fights. He intimidates people so much, and frustrates them with his superior striking to the point where they lose heart. Still, I see it being very close.

3) Lesnar would be knocked out, 10 seconds, round 1

4) Werdum would be a very interesting fight. I think Werdum is smart enough to take his time and not engage ina stand up match. Getting A. Silva down would be another story. I could actually see this going to a decision. Perhaps a late sub from Werdum or late KO from Silva. Would be a sick match!

5) Kongo: Ko, round 1 for Silva.

6) ditto

7) ditto

8) Gabe is a beast on the ground, and a big man in general, which could pose some issues. Gabe has decent striking but just like Werdum if he tried to trade punches I think he would find A. Silva too quick. If Gabe pushed the pace and held Silva down I could see him wearing silva down for the sub, but I can see a KO from Silva being just as likely since Silva has a great gaurd and may just neatralize Gabe.

9) I think A. Silva beats Tim in every aspect. Tim would not want any part of A. Silva on the ground, and he would get picked apart on the feet. Tim is so slow and telegraphs his moves. A. Silva is elusive and quick. Tim get's knocked out in round 2.

10) AA has crisp boxing, and he is quick on his feet. AA problem is he doesn't move his head enough. I could see AA doing quite well against Silva for the first round or two, but I see A. Silva's superior head movement and precise punching getting him the late TKO or decision.

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