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Originally Posted by Darkgecko View Post
You just listed 5 of the top Heavyweights in the world and said they would lose to Silva, and then said he can't fight heavyweights

Brock has nearly 100 pounds on him, which is clearly an advantage, but he would have to bullrush it to the ground and just lay on him.
Hardonk is not a top heavyweight and it's all about the styles and size. Werdum and Couture are sort of small for heavyweights so that benefits Silva. Sylvia and Hardonk would want to stand with Silva and Andy is a better stand-up fighter then both. I love Hardonks stand-up, but Eddie Sanchez rocked him, Silva would too and would finish. And I said Silva COULD beat Gabe if Silva gets it to later rounds. Gabe is far bigger and more powerful guy so he would pose a great threat to Silva and possibly get him to the round and win by TKO. But like I said, if Silva just keeps moving and possibly try to tire out Gonzaga (which is possible) then Andy could pick him apart standing.

Dude, all Brock has to do is take Silva down and use his strength to get Silva in a crucific position and win by TKO. The size and power is what makes the difference. Anderson would not beat Brock. The most Silva could do when Lesnar would bullrush him is land maybe one knee and that sure as shit won't knock Lesnar out.

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