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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
kung lee trains Kung fu and TKD Doesn't he.

I took tkd for a while (Because it was free at my collage) I think TKD could be a huge help in MMA but its only one part. Like everyone else you have to be well rounded you have to have wrestling kickboxing and jiujitsu to be successful. But if you can master some of the basic kicks in TKD like the front and side It could be very help full.

Like bruce lee said the best style is no style at all. And when he made JKD he put the sidekick of TKD the holds of BJJ the throws of judo knees of MT the takedowns of wrestling and the punches of western boxing and kung fu.

if you would learn to throw kicks like bruce I am sure that would help alot.
You're right, I forgot about Cung Le. He does have a TKD blackbelt, though I think he just trains his San Shou, and BJJ now.

Maybe there is more room for people who utilize kicks and strikes in the way that Cung Le does, but it seems like a lot of people have difficulty striking that dynamically.
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