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Originally Posted by dontazo View Post
holy shit a silva is really ******* over rated ....
brock will get ko ed in 10 seconds? ... yea of course
dont get me wrong silva is the man but that's 2 much
Dude finally. I agree with you 100%. Silva is a walking badass. no one can assume he can go in there and dismantle guys that fricken big. I do beleive he can beat some of them. Its MMA for christ sakes. If you take any MMA fighter and have them fight 100 times against the same person I highly dought the same guy wins all hundred times. You just get lucky. Spider could probably beat AA (closest person to his size) Silvia (shit who cant beat him) Maybe Werdum. Gonzaga, Lesnar, nog, are simply to damn big for him. Oh he would probably beat Coutour too.
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