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Am I the only cat who watches the show for....

Am I the only cat who watches the show to see new and upcoming talent in the UFC?

It amazes me the amount of people who talk about if Junie got kicked off the show would suck. I love watching the training, getting to know Nog and Mir a little better and seeing what their overall training techniques are.

What goes on in the house is more of a window into peoples personality to me. The fighters I usually cling to in the house are the quiet guys who just train hard and go out their and fight their asses off(pretty much why Rashad is my favorite fighter now, it definitely came from his TUF run).

If youre watching the show to just see people get drunk and make asses out of themselves then youre a tool and can get the same thing out of watching big brother, real world or some other retarded reality show. Not saying that TUF isnt kind of the same thing these days, but theirs to much air time spent on drunken antics in the house instead of what goes on in training and in the cage.

They need to bring back the competitions. One I think it helped to bring the teams and their coaches together and also it kind of gave them something to focus on when they wernt training and fighting.

Dana and the UFC can say all they want that the booze is a window for them to see who can handle their shit but thats a bunch of crap. Its their for the antics and ratings it brings in and thats it, its bad for the sport and just gives more fuel for the people who talk shit about MMA.

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