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They're sort of the same animal. They utilize the same techniques more or less, it's just the emphasis that they put on each skill set. I trained BJJ for about 8 months before the club dissolved. I recently found out that there's a Judo club in my town, went down, checked it out. I'm very interested. I'm sure Judo will really round out my grappling skills, as well as continue to build them (8 months really isn't all that impressive). I'll probably get thrown all over the place for a month or so, but I'm looking forward to grappling. From what I saw I think I can compete with a lot of the students on the ground. There's a wrestler who showed up the same day I did to check it out as well, grappling with him should be interesting. :P I respect both arts and all in all I'm really looking forward to training there.
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