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Originally Posted by recon6991 View Post
Thanks man, you know a lot more about lifting then me, so I was gonna PM you but this is probably easier, what kind of explosive exercises do you know? I do clap push ups, BW jump squats, and weighted jump lunges and cleans, but there has to be some more, if you know any please let me know.
1 arm DB snatches, powercleans, high pulls, OH jerks are some good ones. Also look into doing plyometric stuff as well. Something that I think works well is also supersetting an explosive movement with a compound exercise. For example, doing a set of 8 of front squats and then right after finishing the set go and do 10 or 15 plyo box jumps or something. You can also do it with bench + clap push ups.

Also look into Dynamic Effort work, which is taking about 60% of your 1-rep max for a lift, and doing 6-8 sets of 2-3 reps focusing on explosiveness and speed.

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