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Originally Posted by Onganju
LOL... Actually many styles of Karate (Kenpo, Shinryu, Issinryu, etc) incorporate some form of weapons training. Not all of them teach the wepons forms due to the extended amount of legalise that needs to be addressed. If you are looking for a Karate Dojo that teaches weapons forms, look around for one that teaches either Kobudo or Kobujutsu. Just be forewarned that most don't teach you weapon styles right away, and none teach just the weapon styles exclusively (all require the empty hand styles to be incorporated). Cool thing about that is you can be taught how to handle many different weapons (if the teacher is knowledgable enough).

Just don't go rushing out to find a Ninjutsu place, that isn't the primary style that incorporates weapons training. I've also found that it is also one of the more common "McDojo" types around, as there really isn't a way to confirm someone's credentials as reliably as with other styles. Thank you Eastman and Laird for creating the Ninja Turtles...
No i went to another forum where they was talking about
a lot of different martial arts, and i found out
that one of the weapons they use in ninjutsu
looked like the one in the picture. sorry if im wrong
i justed tryed to awnser the question..
im sure there is a lot of other martial arts that uses weapons like that too, but ninjutsu was the one i found
so that what i wrote.
and btw, you dont use knifes when you train kempo karate
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