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Awesome, thanks wukka.

Today was a great day, 2 hours of open mats so I got some great wrestling in. We had hydration tests as well, I normally wrestle 189, but I weighed in at 193.3 with 13% body fat, so I got the nod to drop to 171! Im excited, its gonna be a little more of a cut then I've ever done, but the competition in my area at 171 is a lot tougher.

165x3 (by this point my wrists were screaming)
185x3 Really stoked about that, I had only gotten 185 up once before today, so this was awesome

DB snatches
75x2,2 (These were really tough, hadn't tried that much weight before today, felt good though)

Did some core work on top of the wrestling-
Hanging knee raisesx20
Cable twistsx20 w/ 15 lbs
Russian twists with a 45 platex2x20

cool down- really light jump rope for about 9 or 10 minutes.

I've got my squat day tomorrow which is: back squats, split squats, sissy squats, jump squats, and box jumps so I'm going to try that compound+explosive with some type of squats and box jumps.

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