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Let's just hope he has the proper training grounds to oppose against Alves, who while he was preparing for Diego, still has a change of plans of which to bode with.

It's a double-edged sword in that manner, for one Koscheck may/may not have prepared for this as diligently as Thiago, without the greatest training camp in the world, while Alves has presumably endured a grueling camp in retrospect. Should be a barnburner, but I can't help but slightly favor Alves here.

Koscheck has a much better shot than Hughes, is also the superior striker, but Alves' BJJ defense has improved exponentially the last couple of years. I don't think it'll be a question of whether or not Koscheck can take him down, but more of whether or not he'll be able to keep Thiago there. I do believe Alves can do substantial damage on the feet, Koscheck is hittable, but it'll be a matter of whether he can sprawl and brawl en-route to a somewhat consolidating decision.

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