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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
Yeah, Junie has major issues and flaws. However, I have to concur (with whoever posted that thread) that he is one of the finalists given all the information we have available. Even if he is booted or loses I have a tough time believing the UFC would have him blogging if he wasn't at least in the finale show.

My guess is he mellows out after last ep, wins his fights, and ends up in the TUF8 championship fight.

That said, the guy is definitely a punk. But if he can win fights, its hard to argue that he doesn't belong in the UFC. It's the ultimate fighter, not the ultimate nice guy.
you said that absolutely right. who the h3ll ever said this was the ultimate nice guy?! Junie Rocks!!!!

Originally Posted by Bob Pataki View Post
There's more to being a professional fighter than winning fights. It's MMA not WWE. Doesn't matter how good he is if he feels the need to jump in the cage after a fight and complete disrespect the whole thing, he doesn't deserve to be there.

It's not about not being nice, there are plenty of UFC fighters that aren't particularly nice but they don't act like unprofessional nut cases at every given opportunity.

I hope someone KOs his blonde ass.
well lets see.hmmmm. Leban was a jackass in his season as well, and Jesse Taylor, amongst others, but have come a long ways! who says Junie won't grow from this as well. Obviously he has a huge damn heart, very good fighter, as well can be a little crazy. Look at the age of these guys..come on get off his ass. They all grow from their experiences. You people act like f**king saints.
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