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Back at it, today was MMA class. Warmed up with lots of pummelling.

Technique started with passing guard, standing up, knee on butt, push down on their knee breaking the guard, step in with one leg, spring back, fake swing the legs aside, swing legs aside other way, knee on their stomach, hands on their shoulders, slide into side control.

Then we learned a new escape from being mounted, shrimp up, turn onto side, bring your knee to your elbow to force their knee up, take half guard, repeat on the otherside.

And finally a sweep when they're in your half guard, can't explain it well enough because I didn't grasp it too firmly.

Then we rolled starting from our knees with almost no break. First up was my partner, as we came in to get underhooks his jaw got smacked squarely into my shoulder and he started to bleed, but he seemed alright besides a bit dazed. We were back and forth getting into dominant positions and then reversing them. I almost caught him in a arm triangle choke, but he managed to sneak his hand in before I could seal it and make space, I tried a move I saw on the ultimate fighter the other day, swept him while I had him in a weak triangle, and almost finished him, but couldn't get the leg tight enough and he rolled me. He caught me in a guillotine, I could have fought it and wasn't choking but it wasn't worth the drama on my neck.

Next up rolled with a smaller guy that nearly rear naked choked me right off the bat, but I made space and snuck out. We had a pretty back and forth roll as well. I almost arm triangle choked, but once again I messed it up this time by not locking his own arm across his neck tight enough. I stayed in mount for most of the time but couldn't find a submission.

Another guy who's probably the easiest I roll with. He did better than usual because he knows my moves but I still dominate positionally.

Next was a stronger and more experienced guy who usually dominates me. He did again for the most part but I managed to work my way out of a few submissions. However he still landed an armbar, a kimura, and a guillotine. We rolled for like 10 minutes though so it wasn't that terrible. He gave a few pointers about how I keep giving up my arm, oops.

My wrist hurts I beleive from the DB bench presses this morning and then it acted up again after class tonight. I'll ice it and hopefully it'll turn around. Might have to change my workout tomorrow morning though because they're all pretty wrist intensive.
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