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True Grappler
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Sure, I can give you some examples:
Josh Barnett = True Grappler
Jeff Monson = Pure Grappler
Evan Tanner = True Grappler
Hidehiko Yoshida = Pure Grappler

I hope that helps, but maybe it doesn't.

Here's a more direct definition of the terms, because you don't seem to be the only one confused.

Pure Grappler- Someone who is primarily or entirely based on the ground. Their style is constructed so that they do their best work from one particular position. A good example of this might be a young Tito Ortiz, who did his best work with elbows from the top position. Like I said, the Gracies are a good example of Pure Grappling because they did almost all of their fighting on the ground. (with a few exceptions)

True Grappler- Someone whose fighting style is not exactly that of a single martial art or system. They can't be classified as BJJ or as Sambo or wrestling. A good example of this is Jeremy Horn, who has experience in grappling arts, but employs equal opportunity submissions. He relies on his own personal experience and ideas, not those of his teacher.

I hope that cleared it up a little bit.

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