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Originally Posted by mercom View Post
i have been one to criticize him in the past for his english but so far on this episode of TUF i have been very impressed with his english.... to me he has improved a lot since his last fight with his english... am i imagining this or has he ?
Originally Posted by Anudem View Post
Then why make this thread...? He has a translator and that's been good enough for me. To me its stupid to knock him for something as stupid as his English skills, his job isn't to be a public speaker, and the things he needs to say in English "I want to thank my fans," for example are easy to learn. How many languages do you guys speak?
I would like you to read his original post again and you tell me how he was knocking him. He simply asked if anyone else has noticed his english is getting better. What he has said in the past is in the past, this thread was made complimenting Silva on his improving english. I really hate when people make threads out to be what they are not
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