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Originally Posted by Fieos View Post
I'm torn on this... I think having a wider weight division adds credibility to champions; I also think that eventually when all other things are equal, a weight disparity of 40-50lbs is a little extreme.

I think eventually it would need to be reviewed, but there just isn't that deep of a heavy-weight division in any organization anymore that would benefit from such a change at this time.

I would like to see a super-heavyweight division added so that we can see some big guys thump skulls. I just don't think the draw is there because historically 265+ guys weren't shredded and marketable. I think this is starting to change.

I walk around at 6'6" and 240lbs and I'm definitely not one of the big guys at the gym. I think when we see more Brock Lesnar-types enter MMA we'll see some weight changes.

The sport will evolve with the fighters.
I totally agree, IF more bigger guys get to a high enough standard.
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