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Originally Posted by bbjd7 View Post
Babalu is cutting to 195 for his next fight and planning on moving down to MW.

Now if he was to return to the UFC how do you think he would do at 185 because honestly I think he might be one of the top 5 MW's in the world.

The guy is a very good wrestler, and world class grappler and his stand up is solid.

W/o Chuck Liddell around Babalu should do fine against almost anyone.

I mean Babalu vs Anderson is even interesting because Babalu could probably get him down and on the ground Babalu has the advantage.
Babalu made me cry after his embarassing loss Jason Lambert. My god, Sobral would definitely be a contender again if he did not run towards his opponents asking to be knocked out.

Or at least get a better chin if you are planning to do that.
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