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Does Junie Browing belong on the UFC?

Its pretty obvious Dana buzzes over this guy, countlessly allowing him to stay, he must rate him, this is the guy he was saying is the Anderson Silva of LW right? (correct me if I'm wrong) thats a huge disrespect on Anderson, especially as their personalities are totally opposite.

Junie is totally disrespectful, a total retard, but unfortunatley does seem to have a good skillset, its a shame, someone like him does not deserve it.

We've seen people bickering on for months and months and continue to do so over Bispings comments over Hammil, which can be explained and even though he lost some rep for that he did apologise and does respect Hammil's ability and his improvement.

Where as Junie is a total fool, even worse than previous fighters on the show, totally disrespectful.

Would you allow this guy in the UFC?

He could go into another org, make a bit of money but he won't be a household name, you would need to be in the UFC for that to happen and he shouldn't be allowed the opportunity, regardless of his skillset.
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