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I felt pretty crappy when I woke up so I made an executive decision to call the morning pad work off.

Pele wasn't around to teach today, but we had another Brazilian fellow who gave us a good workout.

Stretched, then practiced raising alternating knees straight up without moving the rest of our body, then did it with push kicks instead, then round kicks, then we did a constant 1-2 in slow and fast intervals. Then some shadowboxing, starting with just boxing, then adding knees, then adding kicks. From there we geared up and practiced a few combos on eachother involving 1-2s, blocking and catching kicks, countering, etc. He came around and everyone gave him 20 hard kicks on the shield. Then light sparring with 3 or 4 people. Finished with group sit up festivities. Everyone linked legs and each person counted to 20, there was over a dozen of us. Nothing too exciting to report aside from that so I'm going to get some sleep so I'm in a good mood for the gym tomorrow and finish off strong.
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