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Originally Posted by rdrush View Post
You should look at the video of him and his brother, it is somewhere on the ultimate fighter page. He isn't drunk crazy on it...but he is still a douche. He is even worse on that video cause at least on the show you can blame some of it on being wasted. But here he really believes his own bs that he is the greatest thing to ever take a shit. His brother is even worse. Just a couple of inbred rednecks....
It's only because he pisses "excellence."

"When I hear athletes call themselves warriors, it does bother me a little bit. When I think of a warrior, I think of the Marines I've led in combat, those Marines that sacrificed so showers, little food, no contact with their family, all for their love for their brother Marine and for their love for their country. That's a warrior, willing to lay his life on the line. I've had Marines that have laid their lives on the line for the man next to him, and for their family and country. That's a warrior. The guy who goes into some athletic contest who has no war experience, in my eyes, really has no right to call himself that. That's a coveted thing to call someone, and that's what I call my Marines. Those are warriors." - Brian Stann
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