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Originally Posted by Fedor>all View Post
I'm surprised that you did this on the fly, mainly because it looks like you're reading off the screen at some points lol, and because there's so much cutting.
The cutting is an artistic liberty (not that I'm much of an artist).

The first guy I saw do it was Jay Smooth of, though others do it.

I assume you prepared what you said to an extent before beginning to film.. ie: multiple takes until you were happy with them, just based on how many cuts there are.
No, not really.

I mostly just stopped it when I felt like I had completed a phrase and moved the computer angle.

Anyway, I agree with your picks except for your claim that Paul Taylor has "mediocre technical skills". Maybe on the ground and with regard to wrestling, but his stand-up is crisp and I'd arguably some of the best in the WW division.
As a kickboxer, Taylor is very good. As an MMA fighter, he's mediocre.

His kickboxing, realistically, is what keeps me from wondering why he is a UFC fighter.

If Lytle stands with him, he's going to lose. If Lytle takes the fight to the ground, he'll win, because Taylor's ground game is abysmal.
And Lytle's ground game should accomplish this fairly easily.

Good video though, it takes a while to get over the camera being in your face, but your video blogs seem promising.
Glad to hear I have some potential.

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