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The guy has huge potential. I wouldnt be suprised to see him as a dominant champ in a few years time, but that all depends on whether we see similar sized fighters joining MMA.

As of now, he's just a strong wrestler. I was hugely p!ssed off with his performance against Herring. People can say it was impressive, and to some marginal extent it was. But all he did was wrestle him. He controlled him on the ground, but never once tried to finish the fight. He needs to improve his game to be considered a good fighter, especially with all the marketing the UFC have done around him.

He also needs to realise, and pretty quickly too, that this isnt WWE, and the majority of fans wont approve of his WWE post-fight antics. He needs to lose those, and gain some skills, and i'm sure he'll do well in the sport.
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