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Originally Posted by Aaronyman View Post
to those who say you were pissed at his performance against Herring....why?

why wouldn't he stick to the wrestling aspect of control rather than advance position and go for subs? he's a WRESTLER. he's very green in bjj...if would have attempted to put hooks in get Herring's back he would have been reversed immediately...even Lesnar's mount control looked sloppy....

we will probably never seen lesnar put hooks in ...ever. why would he when riding the back offers more control given his skillset? sherk is the same way...he never takes the back bjj-style.

btw to the TS, welcome to mma

I was pissed at his performance against Herring because as i said, he didnt once try and finish the fight. I'm not saying i expected him to try to submit Herring, that would have been extremely stupid on his part, but he barely threw any punches to the head or body, and when he did, they werent thrown with any conviction. He was happy to ride out a decision, which i really dont like.
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