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Originally Posted by bbjd7 View Post
Look at the other fights.

Bisping doesn't really have any top wins.

Leben is a good brawler.

Vera looked horrible at 205 in his last fight.

Jardine got trashed in 2 of his last 3.

UFC 89 doesn't have a lot of good match ups and this one is very good.

A top LW prospect against a very proven international LW.

good points, but actually all those factors make the match-ups so good. There are unknown factors and a lot of specualtion about the Jardine Vera fight.
Leben Bisping seems like a match that should be close. Both matches have the potentital to be close and well fought.

But for some people a good matchup to someone has to include a top 3 name, in that case these fights will not appeal. That also precludes any enjoyment form most fight cards- because rarely is it going to be pre-dominately all top notchers. But this is understandable, big names do attract a lot of attention and draw a crowd. I get more excited about those matches as well, and they help draw me in, but I found that ultimately I like the close well-fought match of the card best, regardless of who fought.

As far as the LW debate goes- i think they are no more talented than any other weight class. Actually harder to watch because hey have no finishing power in their strikes. Yes they are light and fast, but but there is generally more lay and pray and endless grappling than a fight at higher weightclasses.
If you like fast transitions and grappling, then LW can look good. At a lot of amateur promotions I think the LW's break up the usualy nicely with a display of more ground and grapple, even though most of the audience think they are boring.
But more talent? No- that's just promoting something with useless babble. ANd there is a lot of announcing to put things over the top, very a la pro-wrestling.

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