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Originally Posted by Fieos View Post

I walk around at 6'6" and 240lbs and I'm definitely not one of the big guys at the gym. I think when we see more Brock Lesnar-types enter MMA we'll see some weight changes.
Do you go to the gym in the land of dinosaurs, or what?!?!? Not many ppl are going to match your height or size in just about any gym (discounting the Gym at WWE HQ). 240 over 6'6" does mean less bulkiness though.

On topic: I highly doubt Griffin weighs 240 between fights. He would be losing 14.6% of his bodyweight in water- 35 pounds!!!!! Frankly, that just ain't gonna happen. Some ppl have a very incorrect idea about how much weight you can lose by cutting in a day or 2. I also noticed that walking weight has been posted higher and higher for many fighters over the last few months.

Griffin may very well be 280 between fights soon... and then we can discuss Griffin vs Lesnar- "Well yeah, Griffin could cut from 280 to 265 much easier than he does to 205..."

Another weight division would make sense, but as mentioned there aren't enough fighters to support it right now. IF the UFC does monopolize and things continue to grow I also thjink the 225 lb division would make sense.

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