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Morning Gym - Explosive

Clap Pushups 13,13,13
Clean and Press 10,10,10@55lbs
Burpees 10,10,10

For some reason my sleepings ****ed up again. It feels like I'm tired all day until I go to class in the evening, then when it's over I can't get to sleep until midnightish even if I've been up at 5am that day and the day before. Then the drowsiness all day causes me to have a coffee or two which contributes to not sleeping and so on...I'll get back into the sleep habit eventually. Morning gym sucked but I got through it.


15 mins skipping, techniques practiced involvineg lots of jabs, blocking, countering, and a slip to hook combo. Jabbed a wall a 100 times because people were getting sloppy, then did some jab + leg kick combos, that's class.

MMA was shooting for double knees then taking down, then shooting for single leg and taking down, and escaping the single leg takedown, then an armdrag to takedown. Sparred takedowns, then went on to roll from standing. I did pretty well all around here and am feeling a bit more comfortable with wrestling which is definitely something I'm lacking experience in.

I'm super tired and sore but it's good to be back and not have any nagging injuries, 2 days of glorious rest begins now.
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