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10-11, 10-12, 10-13: didn't work out, ankle hurting a lot, going to orthopedic surgeon on 23rd.
But that isn't going to stop the other mrs. cyborg from doing work.
10-14: bike 30 min, arc trainer 15 min.
10-15:bike 15 arc trainer 30 min. total. TKD was forms.
10-16:bike 15 min, arc trainer 35 min. mad TKD sparring with the head kick by me which I've mentioned in several spots on the forum already.
10-17: 45 min bike.
10-20: lifted, then tkd conditioning, pad work, jump rope (couldn't jump rope much.) pushups, situps, heavy bag, punched the makiwara pad a lot
10-21: arc trainer 30 min, bike 15 min, tkd is going to be boring one-steps but the poomsae might work me a little bit.
10-22: Poomsae last night made my arms and legs hurt a lot b/c I put a lot into it, you should hear the material of yr. gi snap if yr. doing it right. 10 min arc trainer, 20 min bike, tkd 3 3-min rounds of jump rope interspersed with more one-steps. lame. orthopedic surgeon says I just have some inflamed tendons, and to put heat on before I work out and ice after, and draw the alphabet with my big toe 2-3x a day, then I can get back to running. I am totally relieved b/c I was scared I had reinjured it.
thur: arc trainer 20 min, bike 20 min, later I am thai boxing which will hopefully compensate for only 40 min of cardio. lifted bi's and tri's but only bicep curls 3 sets 12/10/10 15 lb., assisted tricep dip 100 lbs, 3 sets 12 reps.

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