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Originally Posted by Aaronyman View Post
what big names has cung le beat?

lil nog is a LHW

matt lindland isn't that good of a fighter...especially now that his career is on the decline it seems
I can give you Cung Le. Still, it's a fight I'd like to see, because he did seem impressive in his fight against Frank Shamrock. That said, you could argue that Shamrock is over the hill, and thus posed no real threat to begin with. Little Nog has fought at MW, quite a few times, and I have no doubt that he could pose a threat to Silva at said weight. Although, I wonder if the two would fight... aren't the Nog Bros. and Silva close? As for Lindland, I'll wait to form an opinion on whether or not he's on the way out after his next fight, and not merely his previous one. You're welcome to your own opinion, but all of the above men are fighters I'd like to see Silva tangle with before I truly declare him top dog, as is my right to do.
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