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I picked up some melatonin 1.5 mg capsules after reading around on wikipedia. I took it immediately after class (8.30) and I can feel it kicking in. Hopefully this well help get my system into a pattern suitable to train to my full ability.

MMA class was tough but good. Long warm up run, followed by learning a variant of the sprawl that favors one side. Your lead leg swings straight back while your back leg goes out and to the side, landing mostly on your lead legs hip and your hands. This gives you a better position to return to standing. Practiced this, then started shadowboxing while sprawling on command. 10 minutes of this was absolutely gruelling. For technique we kept with the theme of staying on your feet by learning how to return to a stand while someones in your half guard. Underhook, shrimp to the side, keep head square and dug into other guys chest, get up on your elbow, reach a leg out to the side, then bring other leg way back as you step up and clinch. Then we learned to get from side control to half guard and then to stand up. Drilled that for awhile. End of class. I feel sleep creeping up on me now even though I've only been up for 12 hours today since I went back to sleep. :lol: Gym tomorrow morning.
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