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Originally Posted by doublelegtakedown
do 12oz's hurt less? but I will get used to taking a punch i guess....and blocking and dodging them
It all depends on who hits you.

Actually, 12oz gloves are fine, and it's not really the weight of the gloves, but the intensity of the sparring session that will determine the level of contact. Must people don't spar at a balls-to-the-wall level, especially when they're set to compete in a bought. It doesn't make sense to risk getting injured during sparring if you have a paid fight to look forward to. In that aspect most go 50% to 70% intensity while sparring. Just enough to keep sharp and honest while still allowing the development of skill.

Speaking from experience, yes it will still hurt. It will definitely sting if you get popped sharply in the mouth, nose or chin. No, headgear doesn't help that much either. Headgear is more there to help prevent cuts, but it won't stop you from getting your lips or nose busted open. The only difference is that the force gets dispersed over a wider area when wearing headgear. Instead of a sharp crack, it feels like someone is slapping you in the skull with a 20lb sack of gel. It doesn't hurt per se, but your sense of balance gets real loopy; like the floor won't stop moving under you.

But 12oz should be more than fine to work some stand-up. Just make sure you have a dependable and reasonable sparring partner that won't try to flex his manhood or spaz out on you. If that's the case, it won't matter how big the gloves are.

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