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Overhead Squats 10,10,10@55lbs
Dips 14,14,14
Towel Pullups 8,7,6
Ab Circuit
Alternating Weighted Crunch 20@45lbs
Reverse Crunch 20
Cable Crunch 20@150lbs
Plank 60 seconds

Weighed 210lbs. Melatonin worked wonders, I've tried sleep aids before but they never helped in getting to sleep, they just made sure I stayed knocked out all night and well into the morning, which is not something I needed help with, but this shit is perfect. Took me maybe half an hour to fall asleep tops, and only because I was so stoked in knowing that it's working. Hopefully it'll help me reset my clock to fit my training and I won't rely on it for more than a month. Jiu-Jitsu tonight.

BJJ Class. Warm up, practiced passing guard from a stand, practiced flipping over a person (hard to explain), drilled passing guard. Nothing to exciting to report, except that I got some deep elbow soreness going on right now. Taking tomorrow morning off.
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