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Back at it

Feeling better, but I didn't want to go to hard so I did some heavy singles, db stuff, and light light squats

135x5x5 (went deep and paused before coming up) felt really good

worked up to 225 then did singles
325x0 - I failed about 3 inches short of a lockout :\ I know ive got it in me, but its just gonna take some more work

my weightlifting coach had me and a few guys to a triple superset, we did this thing where you hold the dbs in the center of your chest against each other length wise and press
-chest press x8/db press x8/flyes x8, did the first two w/ 65, flyes with 50.
Did that 3 times
at the end of class we did maybe 8 sets of 10 push ups, a few of them diamonds and some touching your chest.

overall I felt great, it was really nice to lift again, but I can still feel my back aching a little so I not going to do any heavy deads or squats for another week or two. Also, felt great to hit my best bench, did that a few hours ago and I've still got some adrenaline going!

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