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Sort of did a circuit type thing with squats/wallsits/decline sit ups. Did more squats after that, and then shadow boxed. But I was working out with a guy on the football team, and I had heard he was strong and all, but man it was something to see, he started at 135 and worked up to 425, did that 4 times! It was almost unbelievable, he doesnt take any supps (hardcore Mormon) but it was really moto to see it.

Squat bar had 185 on it, did 8
wallsits for 40 seconds with 25lbs on lap
then 15 decline sit ups

no breaks, it wasn't to rough, but I certainly felt/feel it. Did that 4 times



Felt good, almost failed one on 245 :\, wasn't sitting back right so I could drive up like I usually do. But my back feels great, so I may try some cleans or deads tommorrow. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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