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Originally Posted by RaisingCajun View Post
Word of caution when it comes to a Zune, be careful of static electricity. I read about people frying there Zune because of static but thought that they were blowing things out of proportion. Well, it happened to me.

For some reason, I have alot of static electricity in my office. I reached over to change a song, I heard a pop and my Zune froze for good. Good thing I had bought the warranty at Best Buy. I returned it the next day and bought an iPod. I have been having my iPod for months now without incident.
That makes absolutely no sense not to mention ive never heard of it. The inside of an ipod and zune are the same except the zune has a larger screen and slightly different scroll wheeel. (click wheel if you have a first generation)

The large ones consist of the GPU and CPU aswell as a large hard drive unless you bought aflash ersion. The harddrive in the 30 80 and 120 gig zunes are the exact same hard drives used in Ipods. (YEs ive disected mine to upgrade my zune 30's hard drive)

Im not going to say that static electricity is good for your zune but its no better for you ipod either. The only problem ive ever had with my zune is one time I dropped it and it erased my hard drive and i had to sync all my contents back to it again which was about a 15 minute long venture and hardly anything to worry about.

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