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Did a full leg workout, it was decent, set a squat PR for a parallel squat and did the best Ive done on split squats.

Back squats
325x2 (pr) None of these were ATG, I feel like I get more of a workout with parallel, seems odd but it is what it is.

Split squat
125x5 (best yet) These felt really good

Jump Lunges with 25 lbs.
10 yards up and back=1 I did 4 sets, very tough.

BB lunges with 135
3x8 steps each leg-These didn't feel to bad, but I'm really sore now in my Hams.

Sissy squats with 40lb dbs supersetted with box jumps. Did ten each 4 times
Man those were tough, if you haven't tried sissy squats you're missing out!

Did a little core work
bicycle crunchesx1 minute
GH raisex1 minute

207.5 this morning
My buddy came and lifted with me today, he is just getting into and he is starting a Body part split, so it was a little hectic, but it was real fun to lift with someone at home.
Have a good night

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