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No Large zunes and large ipods both use the exact same hard drive
which is the same as the zunes
The smaller Ipods which come in 8 gigs and 16 gig flavors if you will do indeed use flash memory just the same as small zunes that range rom 4 gigs 8 gigs and 16 gigs aswell.
The insides of a zune and ipod are virtually identical. They both have the same things on the inside despite the zune having much better software and screen. THe ipod also oviusly has a different type of scroll wheel and does support a few different codecs but thats simply due to the programming of the software. NOTHING to do with the hardware. If static electricity is bad for one mother board i can gaurentee you its bad for another.

Possibly this is a symptom affecting older zunes which did not have metallic casings like the ippods and have a rubbery plastic backing but the new zunes (only the Z30 had the plastic backing) all have the same type of metal backing as an ipod but its a nice texture so it doesnt scratch to high hell in 2 days and can support custom engravings of not only names but pictures.

With all the zune hate by mac users im not going to belive any negativity that is jsut a rumour on the interwebz especially since I have 3 zunes myself and have had no problems like this other than when i dropped my zune 30 and the hard drive erased.

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