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Originally Posted by ruban
How's your stance? Are you orthodox (right hand) or southpaw (left)? You basically want to stand at an angle to your opponent. So if your powerhand is your right, then you would have your left leg to the front and your body facing the right. This is the usual setup so that your left hand is closest to your opponent and your right hand is cocked back. Opposite for southpaw. Some people prefer everything reversed but try what you feel is most comfortable. Always keep moving, as in everything. Move your head, you hands, and your feet. Breathe. Adrenaline will take over you but you need to have something left once it passes (if you two get to that point).

Why are you getting called out? I'm more of a peacekeeper lol, so is there anyway you two can settle this differently?
well back in 9th grade he always picked on me then in tenth grade i started to grow som eballs and i fought im in 11th grade and he's a drop out....i think i can win but he's been in many streetfights and i havent...he smokes a lot of cigurates and smokes a lot of weed too so i know my conditioning is better than his... i work out a lot too and i take shotokan karate im only a white belt tho but karate doesnt really work anyway....and he wants to "box" me soon and i want to be ready metaly and physicly so i really would apreicate it if you could give me some tips or somthin
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