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Originally Posted by joppp View Post
he said something thet Nog wasn't a high level practitioner AT ALL!
I rewatched, he didnt say this. Do you have a source? I've read all the blogs from the fighters posted so far.. and none of them claim he said this. Most of them dont even know what Nog was talking about.

Vinny said Nogs BJJ is Basic, and nogs team members took it the wrong way. Basic is fine.. the best JJ grapplers in the world probably use basic JJ (no flying armbars etc lol).

Also pure JJ is irrelevent.. vinnys bjj creditably are probably higher then nogs... alot of people were asking him about his accomplishments.. then nogs accomplishments.. comparing them etc..

I can see how a convo like this could be easily misunderstood / exaggerated to make vinny look bad.
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