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Originally Posted by Quietus
How does the saying go? "If you paid the dollar, you get to holler"?

That said, I agree that booing the ground game or a fighter's home country/city/neck of the woods reveals the fan's ignorance.

There's a lot of chatter on these boards about the "ignorant" fans (especially ignorant UFC fans) at these events. You've got to realize that these guys are paying the bills by showing up - so I say the more the merrier. There seems to be a slightly snobbish element that enters discussion here and there, sort of like people that stop liking a band when it gets too popular and sells too many CDs. People who only like something when it's their little thing, and look down on those who 'don't get it'. Well, the cat's out of the bag now - MMA is a rapidly growing sport, and people may not quite understand everything about it, but they know it's cool. Without these "ignorant" fans, UFC would still be a circus side show. So I say welcome them.

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to hug my neighbour, start world peace, and sing kum-ba-ya...

I don't necessarily agree with you with respect to the booing - but I totally get your take on the "popularity" defense. Booing while the fight is on is OK if the fighters are not performing at their best... but before or after... who care who pays the bills - have RESPECT! As with any sport - if you can't get in the octagon/arena/cage with them you have no right to critisize their performance.

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