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Originally Posted by yoda View Post
I really don't like cutting images using the lasso tool or magic wand alone. What I'll do is use those to cut away the background around the body and then I'll zoom right in and use the eraser brush to do the rest, otherwise I just never get a smooth result. It's a pain doing it by hand but I think it's best.

I get all of my brushes and backgrounds from, you can put the most vague description in the search box and you always seem to get a result. Just make sure that whatever brushes you download have been made in ps7 or a lower version otherwise they won't work. This being said, it's incredibly easy to download an image pack and define your own brushes in your version of photoshop. Just open the image and go edit> define brush and it'll be in your brushes pallette.

I'm awful at explaining but I hope that helps. I don't think your graphics are that bad at all, you'll quickly do more complicated things once you've been using photoshop a while
Thanks, I'll check that site out. Yeah, I think I'll use the erase tool until I can find a quicker way, if there is one.

Originally Posted by MJB23 View Post
Don't use the magnetic lasso tool. Use the pen tool to cut out stuff. Just make your points tracing the outline of the body then right click and hit select or whatever then go to edit>copy and then paste it onto whatever you are working on.

Make sure you follow the sig rules too. Sigs can't be any bigger then 420X220.
I'll try the pen tool, thanks. Fixed size as well.
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