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Originally Posted by mrmyz
Top Rear Mount
Traditional, rear judo throw from position edi dori. (rear collar grab) I'm not sure exactly what position your mean by "Top" Rear Mount, but I think that I know what you mean.
Bottom Rear Mount
Armdrag or rear collar throw. Really just avoid giving up this kind of a position. Against a good grappler, you're pretty much f*cked.
Using an up is probably the best way, you can also backdoor this one.
Knee on belly
Punch him in the face? Or a kneebar comes nicely out of here.
Traditional Aikido backroll, collar/hair grab or just turn to try and get him back in butterfly guard.
Side Control
A modified Aikido roll toward his back will get you into a good back-control position, if it is done quickly and correctly, but you do risk eating some punches.
Aikido front-roll to standing will get you away from your opponent and usually get you free. If he is holding onto you it may also lead into a few nice subs.

I can post subs from these positions if you want, the basic ones are mostly just armdrags.

My best advice from these positions is simple: Don't get caught in them. But if you do, the above advice should help.

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