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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
Marcelo hurt his ribs with the push off. You can see that both of his feet are under. It's a more advanced arm-break when the bicept slicer (my personal go to) is banned.

Marcelo trapped the arm, there's no out when the hook is that deep. Brennan was going to try and roll out, but you can't roll out of one of Marcelo's moves. It's not a valid escape.
Hi there! This is my first post here, and what it draged me here is that I googled for answer what really happened in this fight (I am BJJ practiotioner, but still white belt). Thanks for your explanation. You said that this is more advanced arm-break, but is it some kind of leverage there which purpose is to put pressure on ribs (and even separate them), or Brennan's ribs got separated because basically Marcelo hit Brennan's ribs with his legs? I hope I asked this clearly (English is not my native language). Because, it's kind strange to me that ribs got broke only out of pushing with legs (only if pressure with legs is sudden, more lick a kick), but maybe there is some kind of body mechanic there that I am missing out (little detail that could make this more clear for me). Could you answer, please, IronMan? Thanks.
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