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Mon 11-3: ran 1.5 miles, arc trainer 20 min, bike 15 min.
TKD was conditioning with the usual drills, pad work, bag work, pushups/situps/squat thrusts/mountain climber, jump rope etc. Monday TKD is now 2 hours instead of 1 1/2 so there was a lot of lifting with free weights also.
Tue 11-4: wind sprints 10 min, pad work 1/2 hour with 2 pushup/situp intervals. TKD was sweeping blocks so not a lot of cardio, but probably conditioned my forearms a lot b/c they're black and blue.
Wed: 30 min arc trainer, 15 min bike, tkd one-steps, not much cardio. I haven't gone yet so I could be wrong. Nope I was right TKD was a lot of boring punching and blocking drills and I don't see myself ever memorizing them perfectly like I"m supposed to.
Thur: gym: 15 min jump rope intervals, 15 min bike. TKD: pushups, situps, 5 3-minute rounds jump rope, 4 2-min rounds point sparring. (jump rope and sparring were alternating intervals).
Friday: took my 10-yr-old to the gym with me, where we did pad work, jumped rope, and rode the bike. I didn't get much of a workout but she had fun. I consider today a rest day as a result.
Saturday: my daughter went to the gym with me again. She did better this time and I got about 45 minutes of cardio (arc trainer, bike, jump rope) in along with some pad work with her, but i can't really hit the pads when she's holding them b/c she's little. She just likes to take turns holding the pads.

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