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MMA Class. Running warm up, shadowboxing for a long ass time, including shooting and sprawling while sbing. I feel alot of weariness in my legs from the agility drills this morning... Then practiced throwing a few then shooting for the double leg. After that we practiced standing up from someones guard to pass, gnping, swinging legs aside, then coming down on them into half guard, side control, or if they curl up, taking the back. Then we rolled. Me and my partner had a really good roll, plenty of practice passing and regaining guard... He's wise to my triangles now and knows its my favorite sub. He caught me in the same goddamn armbar he always does on the same arm that's already in pain. Then I got him in a arm triangle. Next guy was smaller and older but more experienced, he locked down hard and I couldn't manage much. He was after a kimura for ages but I wasn't going to hand it to him so he sunk a guillotine in. I didn't have much for him besides a few dominant positions. Then rolled again with my partner and right off the bat sunk a kimura. Class ends. Tomorrow we'll be spending substantial time in the hottub.
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