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How to win a street fight... or more importantly, how not to lose...
If you are truley talking about a fight on the street and outside of an organized even then you need to more than just boxing tips, you need to take a step back and re-asses your priorities.

How to not lose a street fight in one easy step: Don't go.
So what if you get "called out?" Try "No thank you very much, oh and here is this dandy restraining order."

Non-self defence violence outside of the gym, dojo, cage, ring, or mat is retarded. It's a quck way to get hurt, killed, or thrown in jail. Take it from someone from the "other side."
Last "Streetfight" I was involved in we picked up the target in the car and took him to a back road and handled business. That's how the world really works, none of these one-on-one niceties and so much for any kind of rules.

Get the cops, get mace, get a restraining order, get a shovel, just don't be dumb enough to get into a "streetfight."
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