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Originally Posted by NaChOmAmA
Tito, Hughes, and Sherk are all boring one dimensional fighters. If they cant take you down and lay and gay you, they loose.

I am just sick of shitty ground games. If you are going to be on top in MMA, either do some serious damage with ground and pound or stand up and fight some more. Do not lay on top a la Tito Ortiz to gay your way to victory. Matt Serra is another classic lay and gay champion.

So we have half of the active UFC fighters being lame ass wrestlers who cant strike.

Strikers are taking their place as champions again thank God. For awhile there, we have been seeing wrestlers just take down everyone and sit on top. Now that the strikers know how to stuff take downs...the wrestlers look 2nd class at best. Anderson Silva, GSP, and Liddell have long championship runs unless we see some competition join the ranks of the UFC. The talent is weak and thin.

Only people of merit in the UFC

HW - Tim Sylvia (not really)
Andre Arlovski (If he would let it all hang out)
Aleksander E (If he comes to the UFC)
Brandon Vera (Still new)

LHW - Chuck Liddell
Tito Ortiz (sucks ass)(Got creamed by champ)
Forrest Griffin (Won the fight against Ortiz)

MW - Anderson Silva
Rich "Deuce" Franklin (Got Creamed by champ)
Mike Swick (Will get creamed by champ)
Chris Leben (Got creamed by champ)
Michael McDonald (Hopefully will beat leben)

BJ Penn
Matt Hughes
Diego Sanchez
Nick Diaz
****ing joke Serra

LW - Ken Flo (Lost to champ)
Sean Sherk (blows)

Seems a little weak to me. Almost every match is completly predictable...because its one sided.

Look at the next 2 champion ship matches for WW and MW
Those 2 matches are a joke. The Tuf 4 people are jokes...the winners of the losers...

Liddell is going to own Ortiz in December.

If there is a rematch with hughes vs penn - hughes will loose for sure

if there is a rematch with hughes and gsp - hughes will loose again for sure

They need to get some fresh blood with experience and talent...not just reality show people. Dont get me wrong, Forrest Griffin is a decent fighter...he did pretty much beat Ortiz...but Ortiz sucks too...

When it comes down to it...

UFC and Pride should just join together...and keep Pride rules in the Cage! Perfect Solution.

1 belt per weight class

and open weight tournaments for people who want to win other types of events and gain number 1 contender status.

Im too lazy to argue with you but let me say your one of the most obnoxious, ignorant, and annoying people on this site and I think you say stupid things and I cant stand you along with Bungle. But, anyway read my thread on how GnP is part of the sport.

That being said I do agree to an extent I do agree with the Tito comment. I dislike how arrogant fans are and think hes the best and think hes better than what he is just because of who he is. I do however think he deserves alot more respect than you give him.

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