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Help me out Nickos, I went thru the rules before I posted, and yeah not sure what Im breaking.

- You MUST have a Lifetime Premium, or Premium Membership to MMA Forum to even request a graphic. CHECK

- You must now wait 6 weeks before requesting again. CHECK

- Please provide a link to your previous request, if applicable. This is to see if you've waited the correct amount of time to request again. CHECK

- Graphics can NOT exceed 420 pixels in width OR 220 pixels height! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Not sure if I am breaking this rule?

- It would be appreciated if you posted picture(s) along with your request. Sometimes, Google doesn't quite help...and your request will get done faster without the designer having to search for them. When listing images, try to list good quality images, and images with out arms chopped off.

Alright so im lazy, im not holding a gun to anyones head

- If you want text, make it clear what you want it to say, and what font you want to be used. Visit for quality fonts.

Fair enough I like the distorted font.

- DO NOT PM a MOD, or IM them with your request. WARNING POINTS WILL BE ISSUED.


- To request you must have at least 400 posts, and upward.


- If your thread hasn't received a reply, with said request filled - you must wait a WEEK before bumping it.


- Please take note that graphics staff are people just like you, they are not robots that can do anything at any time. Graphics staff and helpers are not paid for this, they do it out of kindness, so please try to be respectful...and most of all: BE PATIENT.

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