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Finally got my credit card so I can order some much needed fight gear. Proper fight shorts, mma gloves, new hand wraps, a better cup, maybe a rash guard. Now I'll at least look like I can fight.

Also going to order supplements in bulk to save cash. Bulk protein, some better quality vitamins, fish oils, maybe something caffeinated to kick my ass in the morning...maybe not.

Training this morning didn't happen...needed to catch up on sleep... 13 hours later and I was off to work.

Tonight was Muay Thai + MMA with a different but quality trainer. Did like 500 jumping jacks then 500 little shuffles that swap your stance, then just simple knee raises. Then onto kicking the sheild on command then onto kneeing on command, 100 each side. Practiced wrestling for clinch, learned two ways to break clinch and then practiced. My partner was fooling around and caught me with a tasty elbow on my mouth, I respect elbows even more now. Class lined up to interlock legs then we did something like 150 situps..Thats class.

MMA was a bit more slack, learned some good stuff though. Technique was a cool set up for a triangle, and a standup from guard. Then we rolled. My partner hurt his knee when it twisted weird. Next up was a new guy who put up a good fight, nobody sunk subs. Next guy was significantly smaller than me. Sunk an arm triangle and a rear naked (woot I never get these). Next guy was strong as an ox and kept on top of me. I wasn't strong enough to control his arms into a sub, and not smooth enough to sneak one in. Tried to guillotine but his neck was too ******* thick. But he wasn't proficient enough to sub me, so we wrestled and wore our selves out. That's class. Good thing I had a couple days off, or I would've died tonight. 2 more days of rest now.
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