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Signature Request

Hello you photoshop studs. I would like to request a sig of my favorite fighters in eash division. I cant find my last request but it was a long time ago so I know I am safe

The Request:

A sig with a pic of my favorite fighter in each division. Fedor, Lyoto, Akiyama, Diego, and JZ. I am attaching pictures as I would like just headshot type photos rather than action pics but whatever you prefer to use is fine by me. I dont really have a preference on whether the pics are blended or seperated so use your artistic abilities to do what you like.


- Far Left

- Middle Left

- Middle

- Middle Right

- Far Right

Title: The Elite

Sub-Text: JT42

Colors: Whatever looks best. I like darker colors more than bright

Size: Max possible

Avatar?: No, I will be rocking Alicia for a while

All attempts will be repped.

Thanks in advance.

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